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Abundant Blessings

Our Divine Download for August 14, 2020 is Blessings of Abundance featuring your Guardian Angel from the Saints and Angels Oracle Cards. Your Guardian Angel is letting you know that you are being blessed. Like right now. Blessings of Abundance are making their way to you at your Guardian Angel's behest. Are you ready, willing, and open to receive them? Abundance is all around us and it is available to everyone. To bring more blessings and abundance into your life, gratitude and mindfulness are the two quickest tools to get you there. When you are mindful of the blessings and abundance that you have in your life right now, it amplifies those energies and they attract to you like a homing beacon. When you are practicing gratitude for the abundance and blessings that you currently have in your life, it takes it up another notch. The more you stay focused on your gratitude and the energies of your many blessings, the more you are in vibrational alignment to experience more of those things. Your Guardian Angel is acting like an etheric cheerleader for you encouraging you to elevate your thinking, your mindfulness, and your gratitude practices in order to blessings and abundance to flow effortlessly into your life and exist in more obvious, more abundant ways. Many times we fall into the trap of only defining abundance as financial prosperity, when abundance comes in infinite forms. We also focus on certain numbers or certain dollar amounts rather than being satisfied that we have enough (and usually we have much more than that!) Be mindful of the ways in which you are defining abundance. Be mindful not to deny gratitude to circumstances that aren't "ideal" as you have decided to define them. Be mindful not to narrow your definition of abundance in order to prove your ego right. Blessings too can occur in every shape and every size. Be careful not to confuse blessings and miracles. Be mindful not to pick and choose which blessings you are grateful for. Be mindful not to identify and express gratitude for blessings if they don't fit exactly what you were looking or hoping for. When it comes to the definition and expectation of blessings and abundant, use broad strokes and be open to anything. Because you just never know when something wonderful may come in. Especially now, when you have been assured that they are on their way to you.

Abundance and even Blessings can be challenging for us, especially depending on our background. A one question channeled reading focused on "How can I best shift my abundance in order to bring in more blessings in my life" can be a helpful check in with your guides and allows the Universe to guide you down the most Abundant path of least resistance. Book a One Question Channeled Reading Here!


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