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Accept and Receive

Our Divine Download for September 11, 2022 is Acceptance from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. Acceptance has been a quiet theme underlying the frustrating pain-in-the-ass timing that is 2022. Do you accept everything in your life, about yourself, exactly as it is and as you are right here, right now, in this very moment? Acceptance allows us to live fully in your life as it unfolds. Acceptance helps us to stay present moment focused. We do not have to know or understand, and we certainly do not have to agree or like something in order to be able to accept it. Sometimes acceptance can be as simple as not railing against something in opposition or despair. Our society seems to have placed many, many constructs around us that are anti-acceptance based because so much is about control. Well, control is not only an illusion, but the opposite of acceptance. We cannot accept things in part. We cannot pick and choose what we do and do not accept. We cannot accept part of this, or a little of that, but try to control all the rest of it. It just doesn't work that way. Acceptance is an all or nothing type of deal. If you are struggling with acceptance of any particular issue or in any particular area of your life, try asking yourself what it is you feel responsible to control about it, and honestly consider if you really want the responsibility of having to control it. Acceptance is the gateway to transformation and you will often find surrender and acceptance of one situation (usually the one you have most struggled with) leads to transformation in other unrelated areas. Acceptance also paves the pathway to peace and freedom. Acceptance is also often tied to receptivity and can show up when there is an imbalance in what you are giving and what you are receiving. Ask yourself why if you are not fully open to receive. Part of the lesson with acceptance is to be open to accept and receive that which the universe lovingly offers you. Open up your arms as big and wide as you can and declare to the universe "I open open to receive! I accept!!"

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