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Accept Your Way Towards Tranquility

Our Divine Download for August 21, 2023 is Tranquility from the Zen Cards with the message "Tranquility is achieved when you are in HARMONY with all beings and all situations, knowing that everything is precisely the WAY it is meant to be." When was the last time you experienced any tranquility in your life? What about harmony with all beings and situations? When was the last time that you surrendered into acceptance that everything is precisely as it is meant to be right now? If you feel as though your life is lacking tranquility, harmony, and acceptance, surrender is a big well-lit, paved road to get you there. We cannot feel tranquility when we are trying to control outcomes and force our will. We cannot feel tranquility when we don't feel the natural harmonious connection we are meant to have with all beings and situations. We cannot feel tranquility when we refuse to accept that everything is as it is meant to be right now. (That does not mean that everything is as it will be forever). We can accept things and surrender into acceptance of even those things that maybe we do not like or care for so much. Just as we can choose to be in harmony with people, creatures, and situations that maybe aren't our favorites either. Tranquility is a choice built on the backs of harmony and surrender into acceptance. You get to decide whether or not you choose to experience and promote tranquility in your life. Choose wisely my friends.

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