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Adaptability is Where It's At

Our Divine Download for March 19, 2021 is Chameleon from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards. Chameleon lets us know that it is not time for us to be bold and put ourselves out there with regards to a particular situation rather in our lives. Instead of us spear-heading efforts to push forward and fix or solve these dynamics, it is a better time for us to hang back and allow the situation to resolve in its own way without our direct involvement. Sometimes it is the job of the chameleon to change it's colors in order to blend in with the environment around it, but often times it is just enough for the chameleon to simply be within the environment, and the environment itself will adapt to disguise, cover, and protect the chameleon. This is one of those times to just allow things to play out, and our environment to adapt around us, while we just relax a little, wait for things to fully unfold, and then decide where and how we fit in. In doing so, we are also exercising trust in our environment and trust in the Universe, especially to know that things are going on behind the scenes to allow resolution in the situations in our lives which are for the greatest and highest good of all, us included. It can be comforting and relieving when we can lean into the knowledge that things are always going on outside of our purview which will positively effect our situation, but of which we do not need to have intimate knowledge of or control over. This allows us to lean into our connection with the divine and even relax (gasp!) a little bit in our lives trusting that all is well and all will continue to be well. The more open we can be, and the more adaptable we can be, the better things will work out, and usually the faster resolution will be upon us. Chameleon asks you to look at where you may have been lacking adaptability in your life, and why. Chameleon encourages you to bring greater adaptability and trust into all areas of your life. Can you challenge yourself to be more adaptable? Will you?

It can be tricky to lose old habits where we lean into the illusion of control in order to allow for our adaptability to grow. When we have held onto our need for control so tightly in the past, surrendering to adaptability can feel challenging and foreign. Our Angels can offer us some insight and reassurance about the situations in our lives we so desperately feel the need to control during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your session here!

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