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All (Is Getting Better In) The Family

Our Divine Download for January 6, 2024 is Family Changes from The Butterfly Oracle. Ah, family. Sometimes they can be wonderful, and sometimes, they can be, well, family. This card indicates that there are likely to be some positive changes within your family over the coming, days, weeks, months, and even this year. The butterflies featured on the cards on sitting on roses, so it is the idea that for our families, everything will be coming up roses. Now this isn't to say that every moment with your family will be a delight or that certain family members who have always been a pain in your ass won't remain so. But for the most part, things are going to look better and brighter when it comes to your family, and some of these better, brighter changes may even catch you off guard and surprise you. With the energy of 2024 it is not outside the realm of possibility that you may even see changes within your family, or with certain family members that you never believed possible. Believe it. Because this time it is different. And if you don't believe it just yet, that's okay, but remember, this card showed up for us today to show you that different good is coming with our family (of origin or of choice) and that everything soon will be coming up roses. So take a big ol' whiff of that sweet new reality.

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