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Allow and Follow Your Guidance

Our Divine Download for January 12, 2023 is Guidance from the Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "When you make Divine Intelligence your foundation, you finally have a fixed star to follow." When we're in the flow like we were reminded yesterday, our connection to the Divine flows better too. With that Divine flow and connection, we have better access to the guidance of the universe. BUT, we also need to be ASKING for the guidance, for our guidance. Free will choice is a hard and fast rule of the universe and the universe cannot give us what we do not ask for. We also have to be willing to accept our guidance and not fight it by being rooted in doubt or simply dismissing it outright. Once we have received and accepted the guidance, we also need to be willing to actually follow it. Too often when we're arguing with ourselves and dismissing the reality of our guidance, we also do not follow through on what we're being guided to do. The guidance that we receive may not make sense to us, and it may not seem related to anything that we have been asking for or about, but everything is connected within the universe and we can trust that as bat shit crazy as the guidance we receive might seem, it is safe for us to follow it, and it is necessary for us to follow it. This guidance is ALWAYS available to us, even when we choose to reject or ignore it. Because our connection to the Divine is always there, always strong, and always valid. Follow the fixed star of your guidance and experience all the ways that this connected guidance can fix your life.

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