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Allow Yourself Grace To Flow Through Your Human Experience

Our Divine Download for July 2, 2023 is Grace/In Harmony with the Flow from The Divine Beloved Oracle Cards. If you haven't felt in the flow lately (or ever), or if you haven't felt as in the flow as you would like, there's only one thing that's standing in your way: You. You are being too damn hard on yourself, holding yourself to impossible standards, and applying too damn much pressure to yourself. And how's all that working for you? It's obviously not. When you are your own worst enemy, your own worst critic, it is nearly impossible to stay in the flow of the divine. Which then makes it even more likely for you to be even harder on yourself and that's one circular cycle you probably want to avoid. What would happen if you just backed up off yourself a little bit? What would happen if you let yourself off the hook a bit? Will the world stop turning if you surrender your overarching need for perfection (Hint: probably not). Would you ever speak to another person the way you run your own inner dialogue? Would you ever hold another person to the same outlandishly high standards that you hold yourself? Absolutely not. So give yourself a break. Give yourself some grace. Embrace your humanity. We are here to learn. We're here to be the perfectly imperfect creatures that we are while we do so. That is how we best go with the flow.

Our Angels understand our need for and tendencies towards perfection and will help offer us simple tips and tricks which will help us lighten up on ourselves a bit during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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