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Always Send Love

Our Divine Download for March 3, 2021 is Send Love from the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards. There's been such an intense love theme this week, you'd think it was Valentine's Day! Love is the most powerful vibrational energy in the Universe, so it makes sense to focus our intention where the power is. All energy is based in love. Even the tougher, not-so-pretty, baser emotions could not exist without the dichotomy of love. And when you think about it, how much sadness and how much anger is actually born out of feelings of lack of love for whatever reason? With situations in our lives that do not feel fair, or people who perhaps are not behaving in a loving way towards us, it's important not to dwell upon the negative and the lack because then we will inadvertently attract more of what we do not want. As spiritual beings, we are very powerful manifesters (fact.) and as such we are being guided right now to replace the feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, and hurt in our lives with love. See the love of the Universe surrounding you and those people and those situations. Breathe in all of the love and support of the Universe. Fill yourself up with love in this powerful way. When you can see those situations and those people in your life as surrounded in love, you can shift within yourself and this shift allows you to experience more balance and more happiness within your life. When you see things that you do not like in this world, send them love and envision them as healed. There is great power in thought and even greater power in intention. When you add the powerful emotion of love to that mix of mindful thought and inspired intention, look out! That is where great healing and magnificent manifestations take place. It has long been said that it is a powerful spiritual practice to pray for your enemies, even if you have to start out that process praying something like "God please bless that son-of-a-bitch!" Even the act of being mindful enough to pray for someone in this way, is an act of love. The more love you can send, the more healing will take place in your life and in the Universe, and certainly, the more love you will receive. So rather than focusing on or lamenting the things that aren't as you'd like them to be in your life. Send them love with the intention to transform through the magic of this potent, powerful energy.

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