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Ask for Connection, Guidance, and Support

Our Divine Download for November 29, 2020 is Wise Counselor from the Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards. In other Tarot interpretations this is the Unity or Hierophant Card. This card is telling you that you do NOT have to go it alone. You don't have to do it alone. You are NOT alone! But we forget that. We forget that in a day and age when division is everywhere we look and seemingly for every season imaginable. We forget that when current circumstances are causing us to be divided at times when we are used to coming together. We forget that when we feel the most alone is actually the time when we are most surrounded and uplifted by our entire spiritual support team (who, p.s. is so vast in numbers that our human brains cannot even conceptualize!) So it's time to ask. It's time to focus on unity, on togetherness, wherever and whenever we can. It's time to call in and connect with our spiritual support team and all of the wise counselors available to us. It's time for us to seek out those people on the physical plane and in the physical world who can offer us their wise counsel and guidance. Because we are not ever expected to know all of the things or to do all of the things by ourselves. But, we have to ask. Most of the time people who have the knowledge and support that we need or that we seek are not likely to just show up at our doorstep. We need to ask. We need to send our prayers up to Heaven and out into the Universe. We may have to do the footwork of some actual asking on the Earth plane too. Archangel Sandalphan assures us that he is personally carrying all of our prayers straight up to Heaven right now, so there has never been a more advantageous time for us to do some praying and some asking. The keys to answering our prayers may come from cultivating a shift in perspective and a change int he way we think or do things from the way we have always thought or done them. And that's okay. This shift or change won't further separate us, but our willingness to open our minds to new and different ways of doing things may be the pathway to greater more meaningful connection with others. Sometimes there is great power in the mere act of considering doing something differently. Your prayers are being heard right now. Connection and the wise counsel of others is more available to you in all ways and on all planes than it has ever been.

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