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Ask & Receive The Answers

Our Divine Download for March 10, 2022 is Pray from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. I have long heard it said that there are two parts to prayer: the asking part (which is typically where we focus our energy and our time) and the answering part where we receive answers and guidance for the questions that we asked and our requests for which we prayed. Prayer can be a very powerful tool and a very powerful means to communication. But we often screw it up. Sometimes it is as simple as forgetting that we need to make time and space to received the answers for which we have prayed. Prayer usually isn't an immediate or direct means of manifestation, especially because it is meant to be an on-going two-way communication. It isn't as though we pray for a cheeseburger and an Angel magically appears with a cheeseburger. It is more often guidance and direction that we receive in response to our prayer requests. So we may pray for a cheeseburger and our Angels may guide us to take a different route to work, and when we heed that guidance we discover that there is a new burger chain opening the following week with free samples for the first 1,000 customers. Often the guidance and direction that we receive feels as though it is completely unrelated or doesn't really make much sense, so we are tempted to ignore it. But when we choose to ignore our requested guidance, it can feel as though our prayers are being ignored to. So we have to do our part in the prayer partnership with the divine. We need to listen. We need to be willing to receive. And we need to act on what we do receive, regardless of how mundane or unrelated it may seem. So make the time and make the space to allow yourself to receive the answers to your prayers. It's so very worth it when you do!

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