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Ask Your Spiritual Support Committee For Support

Our Divine Download for November 18, 2023 is You Are Not Alone From the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. It is so interesting that in a world of connectivity, where we hold computers in the palms of our hands, and have near instant access to everyone through text and cell phones and emails, that there are so very many people who feel so truly alone and isolated. Even though we have the means to be more connected, we actually have used these wonderful tools to become disconnected and depersonalized in many of our relationships or interactions. It is hard not to feel alone when often times the reply to a text message is a single letter or a serious of letters. The convenience has caused us to become lazy and laziness has led to isolation. But the truth is that we are never alone. Never. We are always surrounded and protected by our Angels, our guides, our deceased loved ones, our own personal Spiritual Support Committee, or our "Tribe on the other side." It's true, we may have to do a little bit more work in order to connect with them (like actually asking for that connection and clearing out minds of clutter in order to give that connection a space to land), but it is there, it is real, it is powerful, and it is potent nonetheless. We can work with our entire Spiritual Support Committee by simply asking them to give us signs (even specific signs) that they are present with us. We can even play with our Spiritual Support Committee by having them show us specific signs in a designated time frame and making it a bit of a "challenge." (Hint: it may seem challenging to us, but it never is to them). Over time as we learn to ask, as we learn to tune into them, as we learn what they sound like, what they feel like, what they smell like, what they taste like, and even what they look like (if we have a strong clairvoyant sense) it becomes easier to connect with them and we will feel supported and much less alone. Talk to them. Ask for their help. Do it aloud so that you get the full vibration of your vocal chords behind your ask as well as some exercise for your throat chakra. They're waiting on your ask. So ask already!

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