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Awaken Your Authenticity

Our Divine Download for February 20, 2021 is Awakening Your True Self from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. There are so very many facets to each of us. We're going through an awakening right now, to allow all of those beautiful parts of us to wake up, stretch, and in some cases recover. This will lead to a lovely sense of integration for all of those awesome parts of us. In some ways it may feel as though a cloud is lifting from our thoughts, our minds, and our hearts. It is as though the old us is integrating the lessons learned by the new us, while remembering, honoring, and even reviving parts of the old. As we shift and change in this way, undergoing this awakening towards full authenticity, it can feel uncomfortable and even confusing. But that's all part of the process. Some people are able to do this fairly automatically, without ever giving it much thought, whereas others need to peel off and examine every single layer of identity in order to ascertain if it still fits. One way is no less right than the the other. This is all a natural part of the process of your healthful evolution. It no longer works for you to simply cast off those parts of yourself that others may not have liked or may not have been comfortable with. Your interests, your passions, your desires, even your sense of humor, are all beautiful and unique parts of the gloriously authentic you. All of those parts of you that you've forgotten, neglected, or ignored are back. They're emerging while embodying the wisdom that you've gained since you last allowed those parts to be present or take an active role in your life for whatever reason. Now is the time. Anything that is falling away from you now is doing so because it is inauthentic or false in some capacity. Allow it to go. Bless it and release it. And embrace the re-emergence of the old, the fully vetted and authentic parts of you. Hold tight and allow these changes to transpire. Trust. Know that you're building a solid foundation of truth and authenticity and from there, everything can't help but work out beautifully. If this feels challenging or overwhelming to you, Affirm: "I now give myself permission to be true to myself." And so it is!

When we're shifting into authenticity and growing our awareness by leaps and bounds in the process, it can feel liberating and unsettling at the same time. Give yourself some extra support with an Integrative Reiki Session to clear away anything which no longer serves you and balance all of your beautiful authenticity.

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