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Awakening Your Spiritual Truth

Our Divine Download for December 23, 2021 is Awakening Your True Self from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. We all go through times and stages in our lives where we may feel disconnected from ourselves. Maybe we just don't feel like ourselves, or a part or parts of us is laying dormant or forced to retreat from the forefront for a while due to various circumstances. But right now is a time where the proverbial clouds lift from your heart and your mind and you will once again begin to see life from the perspective of your most connected, most authentic self. Some of the challenges which caused you to have to hide or disguise those parts of you have been resolved or have fallen away. Some of the circumstances which may have caused you to disconnect are simply no longer present or no longer relevant. If you have given up any part of yourself to please others in the past, that time is now over. If you have buried or shelved your interests, ignored your friends, or tried to fit into someone else's lifestyle or someone else's version of you, that too will be no longer. Your old self, your true self is emerging, awakening. You're back baby! Even the process of recovering your old self, or better yet, rediscovering who you were truly always meant to be, is a change, and changes aren't always comfortable or easy. Hang in there. Trust that whatever is falling away is either no longer needed or is inauthentic, not who you truly are. You're building a solid foundation of truth and authenticity and everything is happening exactly as it is meant to right now for your greatest and highest good.

Our Angels clearly see our spiritual truth even when we may have lost touch with that. They will happily provide action steps to help us reconnect to our spiritual truth during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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