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Balance In The Present

Our Divine Download for September 7, 2022 is Balance from the Angelic Messengers Card. Yup, there is is again. Balance. That wonderful word, that concept that seems to plague us year after year, and that 2022 seems to be determined to beat us over the proverbial heads with. The biggest challenge that Balance alerts us to is the challenge to live fully in the present moment and allow the future to unfold naturally as we connect with our own inner wisdom. No big deal, right?! Living fully in the present moment is one of the most significant universal teachings for improving the quality of your life. Did you know that your future actually takes place in the moment, in this very moment, grown from the wisdom that you already possess? You already have all that you need in order to build exactly what you want into your own future. When we focus on the wisdom that we already know (i.e. live what you know) and allow ourselves to be secure in that knowledge it allows us to remain whole and to avoid being overcome by pain, confusion, and lack of belief in our own vision. Being secure in your own wisdom and your own vision allows you to observe people as a detached observer so as not to become distracted and distraught over external things that it does not serve you in which to invest your energy. It is always easier to look at the external factors and forces around us and to place our attention and put our energy there, however, this is when we lose our bearings and become off kilter and off balance. Balance is best achieved by trusting your own instincts, and doing what you can in order to promote your best state of physical well-being which is necessary if not essential to spiritual balance. Balance is where it is at, right here, right now.

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