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Be The Light

Our Divine Download for October 20, 2021 is Light from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck reminding us "Imagine yourself being composed of energy and light - because in reality, that's precisely what you are. You are a powerful being, and people are attracted to your brilliance. This is a time to remember how vibrant your truly are!" It's often much easier to focus on the darkness of our world because there often seems to be so much more of it than there is light. However, when we step back and remember that we *are* energy and light, it can help us to reframe our focus. Sometimes we have to seek out the light in order to find it and to see it. But if you look, it is always there. This can also be a message for you to lighten up. Are you carrying unnecessary heaviness in your body, your emotions, or your spirit? What can you put down or leave to allow there to be more lightness in your life? Can you surrender to a lighter state of being, as your intended natural state? Will you embrace the light? Will you prioritize seeking out the light even with the seemingly darkest people, in the darkest places, and at the darkest of times? You are a powerful beacon of the light from which you are made, and as such, you have the power to attract what you desire. How have your thoughts been lately? Do you need to lighten up your thoughts? Your light naturally protects you from people or situations which may cause you dis-ease or disharmony. Any time you feel as though you need to up the anti on your protection, simply visualize a layer of protective white light surrounding you which only allows positive, good, and others of the light into your space, for your highest and greatest good. Your spirit guides remind you that you always have more potential focusing on and being in the light, than absorbing the dark.

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