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Be The Most Clever Version of You & Embrace Your Wild Side

Our Divine Download for June 28, 2022 is Fox/Sionnach embodying the keywords diplomacy, cunning, and wildness from The Druid Animal Oracle. When you work with the power of the fox, you will know when it it time to come out into the open, and when it is time to remain silent and stay in the proverbial shadows. Fox energy allows you to be diplomatic and one of the best attributes of the fox is to be strong in council. One of the challenges when working with fox power is to make sure that your skill and diplomacy do not become dishonesty or shyness because remaining silent, or even becoming invisible so that you can watch the unfolding drama is an asset that can bring with it its own special culpability if it is not tempered with wisdom. In a similar vein, fox also warns you not to use your cleverness dishonestly. The knowing of the fox can easily become cunning which then turns quickly into conning as that particular slope is very slippery indeed. Fox can also alert you that you are coming into contact with or an awareness of that part of you which feels like a victim as in the past foxes themselves were hunted for its beautiful fur. When you feel as though you are at the mercy of circumstances, or are being treated unfairly or cruelly, take a lesson from the fox and simply "lie low" for a while, choosing to focus intently only on family and hoe and developing your skills of mediation and diplomacy. Fox also encourages you to show the wild and erotic side of your character, the wild man or wild woman in you, in the most clever and creative ways.

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