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Believe In The Spiritual Truth of Who You Really Are

Our Divine Download for August 11, 2023 is Luna from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. Luna actually offers us a poem:

"Believe in yourself - for you are a wonder of creation.

Let go of fear - and you'll discover a shining star.

Trust in the healing power of love, for you are an ocean of light, reflecting the light of the sun, universe and stars.

The flame of love resides in your heart, it engulfs all in its path.

Through this light, new stars are born.

Explosions of love.

A glowing heart that moves the ocean tide.

One eternal heart forever bathed in light.

The night sky a tapestry of jewels.

Dew drops form an ocean.

Starlight fills your heart with the glow of ancient Suns.

Through trees, mountains and valleys

You shine eternally bright.

This card is a blessing from the Universe, feel each word resonate inside your heart." And so it is!

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