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Believe to See

Our Divine Download for April 18, 2021 is Fairy Spotting from the Oracle of the Fairies with the message "It's time to go fairy spotting! It's said the 'seeing is believing' but in fact the opposite is true: believing is seeing." It's time to believe in magic! It's time to tune into it, see it, experience it, see it. SEE. IT. We always demand evidential proof in order to declare things true or real. But, the best, most amazing things in life are usually intangibles which have no actual evidential proof. So we set ourselves up to live in wonder, doubt, and denial. And it doesn't feel so good. Why does it not feel so good? Simple. Because our hearts and our inner selves know (KNOW!) that these intangibles exist! So when our ego minds throw doubt into the mix, we create conflict where it doesn't need to exist. If we just allow things to be what they are, to exist without insisting on and demanding proof, we are better in flow with the subtle energies of the Universe. When we demand physical, evidential proof, we are actually demanding that these intangibles be something other than what they are! We insist that they conform to exist in a way in which we can see, hear, touch, and understand. How does it feel to you when someone else insists that we conform to exist in a way other than as we naturally are? And what do we do with those demands? Usually we rail against them in opposition! So when we demand this proof of the elemental of magical parts of the Universe, we kinda piss them off. And sometimes in doing so, depending on which type of magic or magical being we encounter, they could dig in their heels and withhold themselves from us further. Given that the mere fact that most magic exists on other planes, which is already a significant barrier, we are really, truly, absolutely setting ourselves up for abject failure when we do this. So stop it! Be open. Be willing to allow yourself to believe. Because in doing so, only then will you truly see!

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