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Birth Your New Perspective

Our Divine Download for October 2, 2022 is Bat/Rebirth from the Medicine Cards. Hanging upside down is a symbol for learning to transpose your former self into a newborn being. Your perspective can change completely, simply be looking at things upside down. There's a recent popular TV show that built an entire paradigm and a completely different dimension around the concept of the upside-down. When bat appears, it symbolizes the need for a ritualistic death of some way of life that no longer suits your new growth pattern. This can mean a time of letting go of old habits, and of assuming the position in life that prepares you for rebirth, or in some cases a new initiation so to speak. Bat always signals rebirth of some part of yourself or the death of old patterns. If you resist your destiny, it can be a long, drawn out, or even painful proverbial death. Bat showing up for us now really isn't such a surprise when so much of the undercurrent and underlying themes of 2022 have been about shifting old, out dated, patterns, and really doing the truly difficult inner work in order to make way for the brave new world that we are building individually and collectively. The universe is always asking you to grow and become your future. 2022 has pushed us towards our future and our destiny in a more profound and intense way that any previous time period. It isn't easy, but it also doesn't have to be that hard. We can resist, and let this process drive us batty (sorry, I couldn't even help myself). Or, we can choose the path of least resistance and focus on ways to shift our perspective and investigate all of the truly creative ways in which we can do so. Free will choice is always yours.

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