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Bless Your Body With Nutritious Food

Our Divine Download for February 19, 2024 is I Bless My Body With Nourishing Foods from The Law of Positivism Healing Oracle. It's one of everyone's favorite types of cards: you know, the ones where we totally get called out by the universe about not eating and drinking the crap that we already know we shouldn't be eating and drinking. So, you know that crap that you've been eating and or drinking, especially the crap that you keep thinking that you should stop eating and drinking, well, there's no time like the present to cut that out. Your body is your temple. Are you treating it as such? Or are you treating it like a traveling carnival ride where the wheels are about to spin right off? The truth is that we can control our thoughts better and more accurately when we take better physical care of our bodies and make better choices about what we ingest. We can also more easily connect to source, to the divine, without all of the artificial garbage getting in the way. We do so many things on auto pilot in our lives and this is just another gentle reminder to be a little more mindful, a little more conscious, even a little more discerning about what you do consume to feed your body. Food can either be the cause or cure for any Dis-ease that you experience. Which will you choose?

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