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Celebrate You in Gratitude

Our Divine Download for December 17, 2020 is Four of Spring (Fire, Wands, Archangel Gabriel/le in other Tarot interpretations). The suit and element of fire is always all about action. With the Four of Fire, the action that we are being called to take is that of active gratitude and celebration. So often we wait to celebrate until there are big things to celebrate and in doing so, we lose out on the celebratory energy that every day accomplishments warrant. We have over time, as a society, developed a very skewed view on what is "worthy" of celebration. And that's just nonsense! Ultimately, celebration is a an overt demonstrative expression of gratitude. It shifts in focus depending who or what you are celebrating. So who are you to deny yourself the fabulous energy of regular celebration?! Celebration rooted in gratitude paves the path to contentment. What does it mean to you to celebrate? To be in the energy of celebration? To experience a celebration? How do you celebrate you? How do you celebrate yourself? How do you celebrate your accomplishments? When was the last time that you connected to the energy of celebration? If you aren't sure, or you don't know, your action is to figure that out. Like right now. You're pretty amazing you know, and you do some pretty amazing things each and every single say. So why wouldn't you celebrate that? Why would you deny yourself the gratitude that you readily and easily and happily show to others? It is difficult, if not impossible to be truly in gratitude towards anyone or anything else when you are in the habit of denying yourself that gratitude. Do you really want to block and hold back the natural flow of gratitude in your life and in the lives of others? Probably not. The more openly and actively you can be in an express gratitude towards yourself, the more gratitude will exist in your life, and the more you will naturally have to celebrate. Who doesn't want more to celebrate?! And it all begins with you and your amazing self!

The energies of gratitude and celebration are some of our more basic states of being, so if these things are challenging for you, consider a Back to Basics Session focused in these areas for some simple and effective action steps to get you appreciating and celebrating your fine self. Book Your Session Here!

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