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Celebrate Your Shiny Self!

Our Divine Download for December 18, 2020 is Celebration and Shine from Within from the Oracle of the Fairies. This card follows yesterday's Divine Download with lovely synchronicity! It's time to celebrate YOU! Yup, that's right, you, in all of your authentic glory. Most of us aren't even particularly nice to ourselves on a regular basis, much less celebratory of our fine selves. And why not?! Well, because we live in a world that likes to stay stuck in a space of comparison and highlight all that we aren't and all that we do not have and all that we haven't achieved. And guess what? That's just nonsense. It's all noise. Because the truth of the matter is, that being your true authentic self, shining from within, sharing your love and your light with the world, well, that's really what it's all about. That's really exactly what you're here to do. Nothing more, and definitely nothing less. How much have you allowed yourself to shine lately? Many of us haven't felt particularly shiny or happy for a while now. And that's okay, BUT, we don't have to be in a sunshine and rainbows world in order to allow ourselves to shine from within. To allow the beauty and the truth of our authenticity to just glow. When you allow yourself to just be, to just embrace and accept your authenticity, you can't help but just glow from within, to shine. And, when you make the conscious mindful decision to take that up a notch and actually celebrate the truth of who you authentically are, well, you glow and you shine brighter and more intensely. We're in the dark part of the year where there is naturally less light and that is in part why we are being called on to shine forth and celebrate our fine selves in order to bring more light to the literal and figurative darkness of the world. But, here's the other part of it: this year has been well, a little rough to say the least. 2020