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Celebrate Your Victories

Our Divine Download for June 28, 2023 is Six of Fire from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be the six of wands, six of spring, or six of Archangel Gabriel. The Six of Fire is a card of victory. It's a card of recognition (finally!) that sometimes occurs after a hard fought or long won battle. It is a card where you are feeling yourself, which is easy to do because everyone else is feeling you, and celebrating your successes too. It can absolutely also be a card of public recognition and even rewards as the spoils of war and compensation for your victory. Have you celebrated your successes lately? If you're thinking that you haven't had any, this card can be showing up for you now because you need to shift your perspective and recognize that although this card does talk about and reference bigger term successes and victories, it can also be that we need to create our own victories, personal recognition, and subsequent celebrations. After all, who are we to expect others to acknowledge us or even see our victories if we don't even see them ourselves?! Sometimes our victories can simply be that we didn't actually call someone else a fucking asshole out loud. Sometimes our victories can look like we showed up to work when we really didn't want to. Sometimes they're bigger and bolder than that, but this card is our encouragement to celebrate them all, large, small and everything in between. But one thing that I can guarantee, is that it's wise to get in the habit of acknowledging and celebrating our successes now, because more and more of our victories are coming, and they're coming in hot, just like the element of fire.

When it is challenging for us to celebrate and acknowledge our victories and success, it can be because the energy of latent failure is stuck in our bodies and an Integrative Reiki Session is the perfect relaxing way to flush that out and make space for all of our incoming success. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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