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Clear Your Mind To Receive Higher Energy Guidance

Our Divine Download for November 18, 2022 is Crystal Skull Wisdom/Clarity, Divine Healing, High Vibrational Energy from the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle. All aspects of your life are becoming clearer at this time. Expect to become aware of what you need to step away from to have a more focused path. You may have felt indecisive, but now you are downloading direct guidance from the heart of the universe, directly from source, so that you can live and express yourself in a more authentic way. Know that downloads often appear as your own inner guidance encouraging you to move forward. You will know that these are downloads because there will be a specific and comforting calmness accompanying the clarity. This is a time of clarity and connection. Crystal skull wisdom is here to bring clarification to what you have been receiving within. In order for the next phase of your journey to unfold, you must follow the information you have received. You know what you need to do to heal and grow. If you've been asking for a sign that the healing work that you have been doing has been successful, trust that this card is the message that you have been waiting for. Crystal skulls are wonderful healing tools that bring clarity to the mind and healing to the head space. They can also be uniquely powerful meditation allies for this reason.

Integrative Reiki Sessions can also help to balance your mind and head space and prepare you to the higher vibrational energy that is upon you. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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