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Communication is Key to Release

Our Divine Download for October 4, 2021 is New Moon in Gemini "Communication is key" and Waning Moon "What do you need to release?" from the Moonlogy Oracle Cards. We're still working on closing out this period of release inspired by that last full moon in Pisces. But today, we're being told that it's not enough for us to just release our stuff, we need to communicate about what it is we're releasing. So phone a friend! Tell them what you're letting go. Tell them what you're done with. Declare it out loud to your Angels, Guardians, and Guides. Declare it out loud to yourself! Exercise that throat chakra and feel the balance between your throat and sacral chakras as you prepare for meaningful forward movement. As you work on this big, important release, ask yourself honestly how your communication is and has been overall. New Moons are a time for new beginnings and the New Moon in Gemini on this card indicates that it is time for a beautiful new beginning when it comes to communicating about all of your fantastic mental energy, but also when it comes to getting out there, socializing, and maybe having some (gasp!) fun. Is there balance in your communication? Is it feast or famine? All or nothing? Does it wax and wane like the moon? What can you do to bring better balance to your communication? Do you communicate as much or more about what you love rather than what you dislike or even fear? When we prioritizing communicating about what we love and what we desire, there is a natural shift in our energetic bodies as well as our manifestation focus. Speak what you want into existence! What you do not want, wish, or desire will gradually fall away as you neglect to communicate about those things.

Energies from things that we have failed to communicate in the past, as well as those communications which were challenging or hurtful can settle into our physical and energetic bodies and create blockages or even lead to further communication challenges. Check in with your physical and energetic bodies with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session Today!


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