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Connect To The Divine For Powerful Healing

Our Divine Download for May 11, 2023 is Ixchel/Medicine Woman from the Goddess Guidance Oracle. Are you focusing on what is wrong with you or what is right with you? Our society focuses so heavily and so intently on everything that is negative, everything that is wrong, that when we are diagnosed with illness, medical conditions and "dis-ease" we take it on and make it ours. Personally ours. As though it is somehow a defining characteristic of who or what we are. We say things like "MY arthritis" or "MY asthma." Um, why would we want to own that?! It's a thing that we have, an imbalance, a condition, sometimes one that may require treatment or remediation of some sort. But it doesn't have to define who we are! Instead, as Ixchel so lovingly reminds us, we have the entire power of the universe to support us and to even heal us if we simply connect and ask that it be so. We are all channels for divine healing power. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Why don't we focus more on that? Why don't we choose to let that reality define us? Simple. Because we have been conditioned not to. And guess what? It's not really working for us. So be mindful of the words that you use and that you choose as you describe your various imbalances and "dis-ease." Be even more mindful not to dismiss your connection to or the support of the divine. Be especially mindful not to tell the universe that you want to be healed and you want to be well and to ask for the appropriate guidance and action steps to take in which to channel the divine healing power of the universe and create the reality of that wellness within your life. And so it is.

Our Angels will provide us with Spiritual Action Steps to help us connect with the divine and direct our health in a better and more positive direction during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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