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Connect To Your Bigger Thinking

Our Divine Download for September 26, 2021 is Big Picture Thinking from The Starseed Oracle. Something (or someone) is blocking your view and making it difficult to see all of the details that you need to see right now. You are thinking, and seeing too small, and it is time to expand to MUCH bigger picture thinking and seeing. It is hard to see clearly at all these days with so much static competing for attention and trying to hold our vision. So much of that static is really narrow and small minded in nature and when we focus in on those types of things, narrowing our own vision is a natural consequence. Which areas of your life can benefit from some bigger picture thinking? Where are you feeling small or uninspired? What are you allowing to cloud your vision and your judgement right now? What actions are you willing to take in order to clean the lenses through which you perceive? Meditation, though it may seem a small action, and potentially ironic to turn inward when you are looking to see the bigger picture, is one of the most powerful actions that we can take to help us to see the bigger picture and to be bigger picture thinkers. Meditation calms and quiets the mind and helps shift and adjust our perspective gently and easily. Meditation can also help us connect not only with ourselves, but with our guides and Angels which can almost automatically assist us with bigger picture thinking. Are you willing to invest a few minutes a day in yourself, with yourself in order to expand your proverbial horizons? Are you willing to let go of any constructs that had you thinking and seeing small because it may have felt safer for you to do so in the past? Are you willing to challenge yourself to see just how big a thinker you can be?

The energies of perceived past failures or those energies that kept us thinking small and seeing small because it was safer for us to be small can become rooted in our physical and energetic bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session can help eliminate those energies and balance your physical and your energetic body to allow you to think bigger and safely occupy more space. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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