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Create Your Forward Motion

Our Divine Download for December 16, 2022 is Put Your Creative Energy Into Action from the Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle Cards. We’ve had a year full of delays and challenging timing and many of us have felt that our lives have been lacking a certain amount of action or progress. This is our sign that now is the time for us to be able to take action, reignite our creative fires and move meaningfully forward on whatever projects or in whatever areas of our lives that we feel passionately about. We need to be the ones to create the forward momentum in our lives and we are to do this by creating action steps. It is not a time to wait and see what happens, it is not a time to wait for opportunities to find us. We need to be connected in order to create the actions and opportunities that will move us forward and create the change that we seek. We’ve all heard the quote “Be the change you seek in the world” and we can flip that to say “Create the change you seek in your world” as this is our guidance at this time. When it comes to creating opportunities and taking actions, they don’t need to be big, bold, in-your-face type of over-the-top actions. ANY actions that we take right now will create the opportunities that we seek and will lead to further creative inspiration and further action. Never doubt the energetic potential and the energetic ripples created even with the seemingly smallest of steps. So start where you are, take a step, no matter which size or in what direction, and get moving towards the future of your dreams.

When we have been stagnant or felt frustrated for any period of time, it can be particularly challenging to figure out what our first steps are or where we should go. Our Angels will help us do that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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