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Don't Be Blinded by Glitter

Our Divine Download for February 9, 2021 is All That Glitters from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. When we chase down and seek to obtain only all of the sparkly things and every shiny object that we come across, we become inadvetantly put on the false mask of the material world. All that glitters is not gold. All that shines will not make us happy, nor will it fill us up. We're being nudged to recognize the false masks that people wear and to probe underneath the surface so that we can recognize the motives that are underlying them. What about us? Can we honestly look at ourselves? Can we take off the masks that we wear for ourselves and for others? Can we be really honest with ourselves about our own motives that cause us to seek out those types of adornments? There is a caution to this card about people and situations that may pop up in your life right now. Beware the sparkle and the shine as they only thinly veil the rot underneath. If you insist on persuing the sparkle and shine in either people or situations, you are only bringing upon yourself difficulties that you will later come to regret. Do not worry of fear because better, different, truer things lie ahead for you. The flip side of this card asks us to look at where we need to add a little bit of bling, a little bit of sparkle to our lives. Where are things too dull? Where do we need to invest in ourselves in an outwardly extravagant way? Where do we need to level up our outward appearance so that we can bring our inner glow and our outer sparkle into alignment? All things in truth. All things in moderation. Putting forth our truest self so that when we glitter, people know that we are in fact gold.

It can be challenging to discern the truth through the masks of illusion that others insist on wearing. When you are unsure of someone, or some situation, and you are feeling challenged to hear or trust your intuitive hits, that's where your Angels will break it down for you in a clear way that is easy for you to understand during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book yours today!


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