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Don't Worry, Be Faithful!

Our Divine Download for January 25, 2021 is No Need To Worry from the Angel Answers Oracle. It's hard not to succumb to worry energy when the society that we lives in practically hops up and down demanding that we do while hurling additional catastrophic things at us to use a foundation for our platform of worry. But, the Universe is assuring us and reassuring us that they have our backs and that every little thing's gonna be alright. Not some of the things. Not most of the things. Not selective things. Not only on Tuesdays. EVERYTHING. All of the time. There is nothing for us to worry about. Not now. Not ever. Worry energy is a waste of our time. It dulls our connection to the divine and it slows down our manifestations. And that's NO good. We have a choice, today, each day, every day. And that choice is to be in faith, or to be in fear. And you know what? It's sometimes just plain easier to be in fear. Fear exists all around us and it's cultivated and bred everywhere we look. It's hard to doubt fear, because everywhere you look, everywhere you go: boom. More fear. But, Fear actually stands for False Evidence Against Reality or False Evidence Appearing Real. Take a minute with that. Faith on the other hand, the choice to believe, to be connected, the choice NOT to succumb to and lean into worry energy, well, it's individual and it's not tangible. There are unfortunately not people peddling messages of hope and faith on every corner or at every turn as you walk through your life. But that's because there don't have to be. Society pushes fear because they have to. They have to work over time to try to get us to believe in an experience something that just isn't real. Fear is a man made construct. Fear is bullshit. Faith, communion, connection, trust - these are inherent to us. They are our natural state. So today, each day, every day, make the choice to return to your natural state! Make the choice to be in faith. Make the choice to trust the Universe. And that worry energy, why don't you worry your pretty little head about it!

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