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Embrace Your Animal Friends' Wisdom

Our Divine Download for September 23, 2023 is Sunshine Yellow Dragon from the Dragon Oracle Cards reminding us to serve animals, heal, respect, and understand them. Sometimes we can be a tad bit ego-centric as humans, thinking, assuming, or forgetting that we are not the only species who live on mother earth. In fact, though we do not act like it, we are actually the minority species here (speaking in terms of variety not volume). But you would never know that from the way that we act and all of the focus we place on ourselves and our fellow humans. This is our gentle, loving reminder to place some extra care and attention on our animal friends (and not just the ones that we refer to as pets and interact with on a regular basis.) Animals, plants, other species possess SO much knowledge, wisdom, and healing power, we are foolish if we live in a way where we are ignoring that, not embracing it. So not only are we being encouraged not to ignore this, but we are being encouraged, and gently, lovingly pushed to actively seek out healing opportunities for and with our animal friends. The more capable we are of accepting this from animals and showing them the best, most loving version of ourselves, the easier that it will be for us to show the best, most loving version of ourselves to people as well. Which is more important than ever right now. For all of us.

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