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Embrace Your Inner Knowing

Our Divine Download for April 21, 2021 is Divination "Embrace your powers of divination, which are especially strong right now. You have the ability to see your current situation with crystal-clear clarity." and Tree Wisdom "This Tree Dryad will help you navigate through your current situation. Here flute can reveal insights and answers through the sound it makes." from The Oracle of the Fairies. So, you know the things. You do. Only you are in your own way when it comes to admitting and embracing that you know the things. You simply know the things. Right now, there is potent energy around you that offers you additional clarity to know the things further into the future. Bonus! Divination is defined as "the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown through supernatural means." So, any divination tools that you choose to use right now, be they cards, runes, dice, mirrors, bones, crystals, coins, pendulums, etc., will be exceedingly accurate for you at the moment. And, this is especially true, if you use these things in nature, calling on the wisdom of the trees. The trees themselves may seem to speak to you right now about your situation and the future. Let them! Talk to them. It is after all rude to simply ignore them! You will also gain great insight and divination through music. There may be messages which simply come to mind as you listen to your favorite music right now. You may be drawn to specific lyrics in answers to questions that you have been pondering. If you can take some nature inspired music outside, you will turn up the volume of your own knowingness even further. Nature and music are often keys to unlocking a sustainable divination practice. Sometimes they can even be the keys to unlocking our own intuition and inner knowing. So get outside as often as you can. Interact with music and allow it to truly move you. These are tools to raise your vibration that are available to you at all times, and these tools are especially useful to you right now. So, go outside, turn that music on and up, and embrace being a knower of the things!

We can have so much doubt surrounding our own intuition. The world we lives in breeds and supports this doubt. But our Angels know just how powerful our intuitive connection is and they are willing to support us with all of our divination practices. Tune into their loving guidance with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your session here: Book Your Session!


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