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Emerge into Your Strength

Our Divine Download for Monday May 4, 2020 is You Are Stronger Than You Know from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. Sometimes when we receive messages about strength we think "yeah, yeah, I'm strong enough already!" Yes. You ABSOLUTELY are. But you don't feel it. Not 100%. There is some doubt in you about your strength or you have not taken the time to celebrate it when you have had challenging situations resolve. This is a time when you are being called onto revere your own inner strength, to celebrate it. It is also a time when you might need to start thinking about (or taking action...) so that your outer strength is a more accurate mirror of our inner strength. Strength is all about asserting yourself without being aggressive - is that a skill that you have mastered? It may be time to call on some of your inner strength reserves to peacefully fight for your own health and wellness, in all of the ways that are necessary. It could be that it is time for you to tap into your inner strength to take up a leadership role and champion a social or political cause. This is also a time for you to model your own inner strength a bit more boldly so as to inspire the necessary strength and perserverance in others. We must flex the muscles of our strength from time to time in order to ascertain how much strength we truly have. Just like any other muscle group, if you don't use it, you will lose it. Strength is within us now, and always, and you can draw it up to serve you at any time just as trees drink water through their roots. We are connected to the strength of the Earth, but also to all of the strength of the Universe. As above, so below. We can pull down the energy of Universal strength and imagine it pulsing through us and lighting us up like a lightning strike. This is the true nature of our true inner strength. Boom. And so it is.


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