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Enjoy Synergy of Self

Our Divine Download for November 8, 2020 is Green Man/Synergy from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Synergy is the interaction and cooperation of two or more elements that produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual efforts. We constantly see this beautiful cooperative dance represented throughout the interconnections in nature without ever giving it much thought or attention. We are being guided that we are entering into a powerful synergistic cycle within our own lives. Our hard work is being rewarded and we are experiencing the grace and ease of the flow of life as things begin to simply fall into place for us with very little to no effort. We are experiencing a mutually cooperative effort with the Divine at this time because our will is aligned with the will of spirit, as our current mission lines up perfectly and synergiystically with our divine life purpose. This also allows you to come into a beautiful balance between your energy and the natural forces of nature. You can more easily sense and feel your connection with nature and the ebbs and flows of universal energy at this time. There is also a beautiful synergy at play between your spiritual awareness and your ego based sense of self. This allows you to better tune into the idiosyncrasies of your ego, so as to not take them so seriously. Your Higher Self is always the ultimate authority and is constantly looking out for your best interest. This synergistic cycle allows you to better hear and tune into your Higher Self to access and utilize that guidance. When you take action directed by and rooted in the guidance of your Higher Self, you will be able to move through life with greater ease due to the synergistic balance of all parts of yourself expressing themselves as the most balanced, best, version of you that you've ever been!

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