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Enjoy Your Healing Empowerment

Our Divine Download for March 29, 2024 is Empowerment from The Angels & Auras Oracle. Empowerment talks about Empowerment, Transformations, Protected and Preparedness. We have SO much more power than we think we have and there is a big push and a big theme this year to take back our power and embrace our empowerment. This is an essential part of and essential push for our healing. That is why we see the lovely emerald green color that correlates with Archangel Raphael swirling around this card. That same energy, and the healing of Archangel Raphael is swirling around you too. The more healed you become, the more you empower yourself. The more you empower yourself, the more healed you become. It is a circle without beginning or end, because we all have healing that we need to do, and we always will. We all lose touch with our personal power. I also love that the figure on this card is wearing a crown because we've all heard those sayings about straightening our crown and connecting with our own inner power and inner magic. Well as we go through this particular evolution, we simply won't need to do so as much, as often, or to as great an extent. Our proverbial crowns will be straight and others will be able to see them energetically speaking, seeing the full breadth and depth of our empowerment and the full magnitude of our transformation into exactly who we truly are in spiritual truth. So be prepared for your transformational evolution and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are spiritually protected for your growth and realization of and connection with your personal and universal power.

Sometimes we may need to let go of certain negative cords of attachment with certain people and certain situations in order to obtain our full spiritual empowerment. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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