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Experience Chemistry, Prioritize Passion

Our Divine Download for February 14, 2022 is Chemistry from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "There's a strong magnetic attraction here." Happy Valentine's Day! This message isn't so much about chemistry with other people or any specific person as it is about using the idea of chemistry as a compass from which to navigate through your life. If you do not feel chemistry towards something or someone, or passion, then it simply doesn't belong in your life. You are here to experience joy and to live a joyful, passionate existence. How can you possibly do that if you regularly interact with things with which you do not experience chemistry or passion? We are all guilty of falling into habits and patterns, doing things because they've always been done, and not really putting much thought into the things that we do, the people that we see, or the choices that we make. But ultimately, how does that really work for us? (Hint: it doesn't!) If you have been feeling and stagnation or dissatisfaction, chemistry and passion are your keys to get the energies burning and churning in your life in the best possible way. Start looking at everything you do, every little choice that you make on a day to day basis and ask yourself if you are truly, mindfully making a choice or if you are simply going through the motions. If you have been going through the motions, ask yourself where you can make a more aligned choice, where you will experience chemistry and passion. Essentially, this is a directive for you that if something, anything, in your life isn't a resounding, passionate yes, then it should actually be a "fuck no!" Go forth and connect to chemistry and propagate your most passionate life possible!

When we have been going through the motions and living our lives on mute for an extended period of time, it can feel overwhelming and quite daunting to find and figure out what the resounding yeses in our lives are. Our Angels will help us do just that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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