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Feel Your Feelings Towards Positive Unions

Our Divine Download for August 26, 2023 is Feeling/Louis Claude De Saint-Martin from the Masters of Magic Oracle Cards. We are being guided to deep dive into our feelings today. Favorable interpretations of this card include: you are able to love because you have been loved and are still loved. You've someone who is with you and supports you. (Yes, even when you do not feel this is the case!) This card talks about love, affection, tenderness, declaration of love, faithfulness, hope, reciprocal affectionate desire, rewards, couples, weddings, working together, partners in love and partners at work (or even in life), brothers, sisters, friends. Less positive interpretations of this card can indicate unfaithfulness, unhappy or boring marriage, unrequited desires, lack of trust, barrenness, desperate need for a partner, possessiveness, jealousy, and lack of affection. Regardless of how you slice it, this card is putting you on notice that as long as you are honest with yourself and acknowledge your true feelings, you are coming into a time of realization of your affectionate desires. This card is about trusting yourself, trusting other people, and working in partnerships and teams to achieve long held dreams, goals, and aspirations. It's not time to dig in your heels and be the lone wolf. It's time to collaborate and put yourself out there in the path of as many people as possible. Even if you are already married or coupled, the energy of additional partnerships and mutually respectful relationships will only enhance your existing relationships and your life right now.

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