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Focus On Beauty For A More Beautiful Life

Our Divine Download for July 13, 2022 is Let the beauty you love be what you do from the Healing Cards. "We often blind ourselves to beauty precisely because it inspires us to go beyond ourselves. Today, find only beauty when your first instinct is to be critical of someone, something, or some opportunity." We are meant to be and to live in joy. We are meant to enjoy life. Beauty goes hand in hand with joy. Yet so often, we focus on the lack of beauty, or even the straight up ugliness that exists in our lives and in the world around us. All that does is skew our focus and blind us to the true beauty that really does exist for us. Ideally, we would all be working at jobs that we love, doing things that we love, surrounded by and/or creating beauty, allowing that beauty to be our focus that sustains us. However, we are all at very different levels of psycho-spiritual development, and therefore we are simply not all working at jobs that we love and doing things that we love. But that doesn't mean that each and every single on of us can't challenge ourselves to find the beauty in all that we do and wherever we are. The harder we look, the more we will find. The more we connect with beauty, especially within those places and spaces which maybe do not inherently inspire beautiful thoughts or ideas, the more beauty will exist for us and within our lives. Focus on what you love. Focus on where you see beauty in the world. Focus on how you would like to contribute to that beauty, and do it like it's your job. Because it actually can be.

Few things are more beautiful in our world than flowers, and flowers will gladly share their beauty with us in a Flower Therapy Healing Session. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Healing Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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