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Focus on Gratitude!

Our Divine Download for June 29, 2021 is Hawk/Focus and Kangaroo/Gratitude from the Power Animal Oracle Cards. Our Hawk is instructing us that it is time for us to sharpen and narrow our focus, and Kangaroo reminds us that we should be sharply and narrowly focused on gratitude right now. Hawk even encourages us to prioritize our gratitude, making time to practice active gratitude as one of our first and greatest priorities. When we are laser focused on gratitude, it becomes less likely that anything will distract us from our focus. Gratitude acts as a lovely and powerful umbrella to keep out that which does not matter, when we are truly attuned to the active practice of gratitude. Kangaroo encourages us to "hop to it" and actively count all of our blessings, and to truly be grateful for everything and everyone that we are blessed with. Kangaroo encourages us to get hopping with cultivating an active gratitude practice and reminds us not to put off being grateful until tomorrow when there is SO very much that we can be grateful for today. Kangaroo and Hawk also both gently remind us that we should not limit the things that we are grateful for only to the physical things that we can carry in our pouch, or those things that we can see with our eyes. Rather, we need to practice gratitude for ALL of our blessings, and those always include many intangibles and things that we are not able to see or carry. Often these are the biggest blessings that we have in our lives at any given time. How will you cultivate an active gratitude practice in your life? What does active gratitude mean to you and for you? What does active gratitude look like for you? What are you grateful for today? Focus here. And you'll be blown away by all that you will have to be grateful for tomorrow!