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Follow That Nudge!

Our Divine Download for October 14, 2022 is Intuitive Nudges from the Spirit Messages Oracle Deck. This card states that intuition is the language of the soul. Indeed. But it is also the language of the divine, and in that way is also the language of connection, the language of the whole of the universe. So it's kind of a big deal that we at least learn to listen to, if not speak, that language. Your intuition has been trying to get your attention lately. Have you been paying attention? With the vast amounts of inner work that we are being pushed to do, and the chaotic and often just flat out crazy world that we live in, it makes sense that our intuition would be the best possible compass for us to use right now (and always!) to try to navigate the nuts. We're better connected to our intuition than we think that we are. We hear more than we realize. But we doubt and we dismiss it. There is so much bad information out there about tuning into your intuition and spirit guides. Hollywood would have us believe that every time our intuition has guidance to offer us we would hear the big, booming voice of God barking orders at us. This does happen occasionally, but more often than not intuition and spirit work in the medium of whispers and signs. The doubt comes in because we don't want a whisper, we feel like we need a scream. But the energy of intuition feels different. Knowing, certainty, and surety carry higher vibrations that we do recognize in our very souls. So honor that recognition by taking the action that your intuition is nudging you towards. This is the way!

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