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Free Your Mind, Free Yourself

Our Divine Download for December 31, 2021 is Eight of Swords from The Golden Girls Tarot Cards. In other tarot interpretations the eight of swords is also the eight of air, the eight of winter, and the eight of Archangel Michael. Swords and air cards are all about cerebral energy, so we know that when they show up they are talking about thinking, over thinking, and stinkin' thinking, and we know that we clearly never do any of that, RIGHT?! The eight of swords is all about being trapped, imprisoned, or confined by our own thinking and our own thoughts. It's our call to action (because action is almost always better than just thinkin'...) to shift our thoughts and to seek out a new, better, different perspective. It is no coincidence that this card is coming up on the very last day of 2021. 2021 has been challenging, no doubt. 2020 certainly was not picnic either. But, so often we find ourselves on the last days of these years thinking things like "this year has been awful" and "I do NOT want another year like 2021..." and "I can't even deal if 2022 is anything like 2021..." and sometimes our thoughts aren't even that civilized and we might find ourselves going down a cerebral rabbit hole along the lines of "this damn year has been a dumpster fire!" Or worse. Well, here's the problem with that: you're effectively manifesting a 2022 that has everything you didn't want from 2021. That's a big old oops. Take a step back and try to shift your perspective a little. Focus on what you DID like and what you DO want more of. Those things that weren't so great, even those which flat out sucked, well, instead of lamenting them, make a plan and allow that plan to pave the way for "this is how this is going to shift for me." We can either be trapped within the prison of our own thoughts, or we can use them to break out of the mental prisons past. That choice is all yours, so choose wisely!

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