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Give Birth to Your Dreams!

Our Divine Download for January 6, 2022 is The Empress from The Golden Girls Tarot Cards. The Empress is the embodiment of divine feminine energy and she is a very fertile energy, filled with pure potential. For some this card can herald a pregnancy or the birth of a child. For most of us however, this card is about giving birth to your dreams. Yes! YOUR dreams! This is a major arcana card, which we know is a bigger, bolder, more bad ass deal than some of the other cards in the tarot deck. So it's time to lean into our dreams. Our beautiful dreams. It's time to dust them off and make a plan. It doesn't matter what you want to do. It doesn't matter what you dream. It's time. It's time to give birth to them. It's time to bring them to life. It's time to connect with the lavish abundance of the universe and allow the universe to bathe you in it's abundant energy and support your as you give birth to your dreams. The universe and the empress want to support you. Consider the universe your dream doula, partnering with you to support you in whatever ways that you may need as you make plans and make moves, taking tangible actions to give birth to your beautiful dreams. There are no more excuses. There are no justifications and no reasons why you should hold off or wait to give birth to your dreams. The world needs what you dream and wants what you have to offer right now. It's your time. You can do this. You are meant to do this. You WILL do this. You absolutely will!

Have you disconnected from your dreams? Your Angels will help gently and lovingly remind you of who you are and what your dreams are, as well as give you tangible action steps to bring them to life. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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