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Go Inward to Connect to Fresh Perspective

Our Divine Download for June 22, 2022 is Introspection/Spirit Path Of The West from the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck with the key words new perspective, retreat, unity. We have all been through recent periods of confusion and chaos that have left us feeling off-center or with little control over our lives. We all feel this way from time to time, regardless of whether it is for moments or longer time frames. Going within to that space of silent retreat, where we close off all noise and interference from the outer world helps us find calm and gain perspective on our lives, especially when we are able to connect with our higher self which allows us to feel the oneness of spirit that brings unity back into our lives. Introspection puts us on notice that is is the optimum time to work on developing our dreams and visions from a place of balance which allows our true nature, true potential, and our divine rite path to reveal itself. When we are working from a connected place of oneness, we can trust and have faith that we are creating from a higher vision, rather than external expectations, and that the ideas and thoughts that flow to and through us are truly divinely inspired. Taking the time on a regular basis to retreat inward and connect will not only allow us to gain some much needed perspective, but it will bring us into a state of balance, where our mind, body, emotions, and spirit are all working together in sync to breathe life into our divinely inspired dreams. Introspection's Prayer is: "As I take the time now to gain some perspective with myself, I ask for your guidance, Great Spirit, to help me to experience that oneness of spirit that will ultimately bring unity into my life."

Crystals can we wonderful facilitators of connection and inspiration and will help us connect within and above during a Crystal Healing Session. Schedule Your Crystal Healing Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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