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Go With The Universal Flow

Our Divine Download for April 16, 2023 is River Woman from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. River Woman shows up for us to remind us to be in touch with the shifting currents of our soul and to remain in the flow of life. River Woman willingly embraces life as it comes, whether that be through the gentle flow, the damned-up blockages, or the running and sometimes dangerous rapids. She has every faith and the utmost confidence that regardless of the nature of the flow or the circumstances in her life that everything that happens therein is for her greatest and highest good. When River Woman appears in your reading she reminds you to trust in the journey that is mapped out for you by the universe. You may feel trapped in the rushing rapids, hitting rocks at each and every turn, or maybe you are at a fork, trying to decide which way to go next before you are swept one way or the other and your direction and possibly even your fate is decided by the flow of the water. Trust that every fear is an opportunity for you to rise, that every obstacle is a chance to grow, that every blessing is a cause for celebration. Trust that the universe knows your intentions and that you are on the course to reach your deepest desires. You are exactly where you need to be. Even though your sight may be limited to the stretch of water immediately before you, the universe sees the entire river from the mouth to the tributaries and forks all the way to the sea. Now is your time to have faith and gather strength for the journey ahead.

Our Angels want us to live lives of ease and flow with the divine plans of the universe and they will help us do that by guiding us through simple Spiritual Action Steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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