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Go With Your Emotional Flow

Our Divine Download for February 27, 2022 is Pisces/Sensitize from Starcode Astro Oracle. As a water sign, and a mutable (changeative) sign at that, Pisces is ALL about emotion. As a dual sign, Pisces can also be about emotional extremes or transient or changing emotions. Pisces asks us to plug into the heart of ourselves and the heart of the matter and connect with ourselves in our rawest and realest emotional space. Pisces encourages us to get in touch with our emotions in order to allow us to better flow through all areas of our lives. Pisces is represented by the glyph of the fish swimming in opposite directions and today Pisces asks us not to swim in circles when it comes to our emotions, not to swim upstream against our emotions in order to try to run from them or avoid them. Ideally when we are best connected to our own emotional space, there is so little turbulence for us that we find we are able to float through the ever-changing waters of our lives. When did you last allow yourself to plug into the depths of your own emotional nature? Are you in the flow with your own emotions? Do you become stuck in the dark depths of your more deep or challenging emotions? Do you allow yourself the time and the space to flow through and float in your gentler and more fulfilling emotions? Where are the emotional waters of your being smooth and where are they churning? Will you allow yourself to experience the churning spots so that they may even out? Check in with yourself in order to see what it means to be in and go with the flow of your emotions at this point in your life. Pisces asks you to tune into the depths of your own emotional sensitivity.

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