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Ground & Connect to Protect

Our Divine Download for December 4, 2021 is Protection from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. It may be time to simply retreat quietly from a situation or situations in your life in which you have experienced harsh energies. You are protected, and will continue to be protected as your spiritual grown continues and your spiritual sensitivity increases. Being rooted in and shielded in protection is always the key to giving you the freedom to work your magic. We often give a lot of lip service to God and our Angels and sometimes our guides when it comes to protecting us, but we often forget that we are protected and supported by the Earth plane and mother Earth herself as well. As above so below. They don't refer to it as "being grounded" for nothing! The protection relationship that we have with mother Earth is symbiotic and meant to be relatively balanced. Not only are we being reminded of just how beautifully and completely protected we are by the physical Earth, so too are we being asked to protect her. The choices that we make every day which may negatively affect the Earth herself, also then chip away at our own protection and connection. The choices that we make which serve to protect our Earth also then make us stronger and foster our own protection. What can you choose today which will protect our Earth? How will you foster your connection with the Earth? What small, meaningful change will you make today to protect the Earth, and subsequently yourself? Are you ready and willing to root into the protection of the Earth? How will you do so?