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Happiness Is Yours NOW

Our Divine Download for October 24, 2022 is Happiness from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. The reason that you exist on the Earth plane right now is to be in joy. You're here to be happy! Are you happy? Truly happy? If not, why not? What has been blocking your happiness lately? What are you allowing to overshadow your divine rite happiness? Whatever it is, it is time to flip the script and kick it to the curb because a new season of unadulterated happiness is upon you if you choose to embrace it. You are coming out of the time of transformative darkness of your past and emerging as the beautiful butterfly lighter and ready to flit through your life happy and free. In the quest for happiness, you need to figure out and connect with what it is that truly makes you happy at this stage of your life. It may not be what made you happy in the past, and that's okay! One of the keys to happiness is to choose to see joy and perfection in absolutely everything, which in turn gives you a buzz of magic from deep within. This feeling of elation is what you wish to experience. When you focus on the positive and choose to turn your frown upside down, you cause others to do the same and happiness is one of the most contagious energies within the universe. Happy begets happy. When you choose happiness your mood is elevated and you tap into a limitless supply of joy. Happiness is yours. Happy outcomes are assured at this time. Good news, happy news is on it's way to you. Your job is to actively seek out situations that are positive and uplifting. You've got this! Oh happy day!

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