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Have A Fabulous Adventure!

Our Divine Download for August 6, 2020 is Embarking on an Adventure "I savor the wonders of the world." from the Gateway Oracle Cards. One of the purest, most beautiful souls whom I have every had the privilege to know, used to say "Every day is a FABULOUS adventure!" It's true you know. Even if you don't go anywhere or do anything, even if it's just the same mundane activities that you did yesterday, every single day absolutely can be a fabulous adventure. If you so choose. But, you have to make that choice. You have to be an active mindful participant in your life instead of just accepting the unplanned scraps of whatever happens to you. You need to work WITH the Universe and partner with the Divine on manifesting exactly the levels of fabulous in your life that you will allow. You have to seek out adventure and allow it to exist and grow for you based on your mindset, your openness, and your willingness. New frontiers and new positive experiences await you. Now is the time of expansion in all ways and finally moving beyond self-imposed limitations and all of that stinkin' thinkin' that's held you back in the past. If you haven't yet achieved the results that you've wanted, it's time to force yourself out of your comfort zone. Start by allowing yourself to have more fun! Cultivate more fun in your life in whatever ways that show up for you. We live in a vast and abundant Universe, filled with vast and abundant experiences and opportunities. Are you ready to embrace them? Are you ready to try some of them on for size? You'll never see them or experience anything new or different if you don't allow yourself to try, if you're not willing to venture outside of your teensy tiny little comfort zone. Even doing the same things that you've always done, but doing them in new and different ways allows you to move beyond your boundaries. Ask yourself and check in with your guides about what the best adventure is for you to take at this time? Focus on the future adventures you desire and breathe some life into them. Stop focusing soley on the risk and start focusing on the joy of the opportunities. Embark on all of the adventures. Embrace all of the adventures. Commit to every single day truly being a FABULOUS adventure. And so it is!

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