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Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Our Divine Download for October 19, 2023 is Home from the Spellcasting Oracle. How's your relationship with your home? Do you have one? Does your home have a name? Is your home your sanctuary (hint: it absolutely should be!) Your home is playing an important part in your life and your overall well-being right now. It could be that there are some projects or some work to be done around your home that need your attention. It could be that you may need to find a new home. It could be that you are getting a new resident or fur baby in your home. Your home is a focus at the moment because it is your home base, it is the space from which you base the operations of your life. It is your safe haven. It is your launching pad. If your home does not feel this way and isn't these things for you, it is a sure sign that it is time to make a change regarding your home. Are there changes that your home as been asking you to make (usually through surprise necessary repairs)? Is there a pattern or a theme to what your home is asking of you? How do you treat your home? How do you communicate with your home? How does your home communicate with you? All of these are important questions to consider as you focus on the relationship that you have with your home. (It's SO important to have a relationship with your home!) Is there enough space in your home? Is there clutter that needs to be cleared from your home? There is a finite amount of space that anything, anyone, or any physical place can hold. So if you have objects that are not necessary or do not bring you joy taking up space within your home, you are missing the necessary space for blessings to land within your home. Have a conversation with your home. Get to know it on an energetic level. Build a relationship with it. And make sure that your home receives at least a little of your focus and attention right now.

Sometimes we don't feel at home where we live because we don't feel at home within our own physical bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session can help us to feel more at home in our bodies, which will then likely feel better withing the space where we live. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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