Honor and Love Your Divine Feminine

Our Divine Download for November 30, 2021 is Sappho The Poetess from The Divine Feminine Oracle Cards with the message "I love every inch of my body. And I love the women in my life fiercely." Sappho embodies the deep love, admiration and sensuality that exists between women. This is another message and another call for us to embrace and embody our divine feminine energy. Sappho's call for us to love the women in our lives is meant to replace our typical pattern of exhausting ourselves with the effort of comparing our own bodies to others or competing for unlimited resources. It is actually a revolutionary act to love ourselves and our sisters fiercely. We are being asked to acknowledge and show love to the divine feminine which exists within all people. She asks us to revel in the pleasure that we are capable of feeling. She shows us that the best way to love is unapologetically, with the full spectrum of our emotional range and from the unlimited depths of our hearts. Is there a woman in your life that you can send love to and lift up at this moment? How can you show yourself deep unlimited love right now? Sappho calls on us to spend a day flooding our thoughts with positive affirmations about your body. What feelings come up for you with this suggestion? Do something nourishing that acknowledges your love for the fact that possess divine feminine energy. Do something nourishing that acknowledged your love for the radiant women who populate your life. There is much beauty and much potential in honoring, nourishing, and cherishing the divine feminine energy within ourselves and those around us.

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